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Keith James

Keith, who is essentially an acoustic Singer Songwriter, started as a musician on a small scale playing the wine bar circuit across the home counties during the late 70s and early 80s, carving the beginnings of a life time career in music during an era when he was swimming against the current tide. He recorded 4 Albums, played thousands of gigs, presented a number of really well received concerts and recorded many live sessions for the BBC at Maida Vale produced by the late Paul Walters.

After a couple of years break in South America towards the end of the 80s, Keith returned and set up a recording studio in Berkshire which lead to 15 years of consistently successful work as a producer and sound engineer, completing many impeccably well produced Albums for artists from that straddle the more organic spectrum - Folk, Singer-songwriter, Blues and Jazz: Luke Daniels, Lillian Boutte, Michael Messer, Derrin Nauendorf, Luke Jackson. Also having the pleasure to work on recordings with Nancy Kerr, Ben Castle, Clive Carroll, Dylan Howe, Tim Edey and both Alec and Jacqui Dankworth.

During these years, Keith recorded a great deal of his own material that he later to be released on 2 original CD Albums: Outsides and No 1 Paradise Road. All of Keith’s records feature amazing musicians, the most notable of which are Richard Causon Keyboards and Martin Ditcham Percussion.

In 2001 Keith pioneered the first of his now hugely acclaimed concerts entitled ‘The Songs of Nick Drake’. This was a turning point as demand for this concert presentation quickly gained momentum across the UK and it was only a couple of years before performing took over completely. This show has now well passed the 1000 marker and has visited Holland, France, Italy and Spain, all of Nick’s Schools and Colleges and Glastonbury Festival, mostly performing with the outstanding Double Bass player, Rick Foot. Keith is very intense, passionate and torturously meticulous with his work, he has great tenacity and will study a subject through to find its inner core and embryonic beginnings.

Keith’s more recent passions that have given birth to both Albums and concert tours are: The poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, Poet in New York – Lorca, the poetry of Isabel Allende, Pablo Neruda, William Blake, Dylan Thomas and Leonard Cohen. The study and transcriptions of Dylan Thomas’ poetry took close to a year to complete and produced a wonderful Album entitled Time let me play and a well received tour during the second half of 2014. It hardly needs to be said that Keith’s studious and interpretive concert tour based on the work of Leonard Cohen (it often takes on the feel of an impromptu lecture or workshop) has been a huge success and is ongoing..

Keith has evolved into a very singular artist and wordsmith. Always.. his first original release for some time has come together slowly and has matured with a strong sense of both personal and collective awareness, a tone that has been caught through older eyes; surreal, sub-textural, daring and provocative, showing anger and disturbance, humour, resolve, vision and sometimes compelling sadness.

Much has been drawn from those he has admired throughout his life - either consciously or otherwise, along with a kaleidoscope of colour from today's set of paradoxical assimilations we call reality.

Currently in the process of completing a book about the eerie corners of a writer’s mind as they struggle for affirmation and the rent. The volume also includes much of Keith’s poetry; some that have become songs and some not. He lives on the south west coast of Wales.

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Came within an inch of certain death (all involving dilapidated vehicles)...

May 1981 Hampshire
Steering rack broke on Morris 1000 traveller. Drove through a farm gate at some speed, down a bank, within inches of a large tree, straight into a river (full PA system and guitars etc in the back)

Jan 1988 Brazil
Drove a beaten up Series 1 Beetle belonging to a nun in between two enormous USA style trucks on the A1 national trunk road from Porto Alegre (this road, at the time was were one is offered a carriageway for each direction and a middle one for dare devil overtaking in either direction - the poor little Beetle actually touched both trucks by a hair)

Aug 1991 Santorini
Parked a hire Suzuki Jeep in a gravel car park just outside of ia on the island in Santorini, Greece. The gravel car park is a the top of a sheer and vicious drop of hundreds of meters straight down to jagged rocks and dashing waves. At the very moment when I parked the bag of spanners I discovered that the hand break was entirely non functional - I can't bring myself to tell you the rest as it still makes me anxious to this day