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Keith James Recordings

Keith James Producer


Recorded at various concerts across the UK


Keith James & Rick Foot


"something is really going on here"
- Metro

"Keith has done a superb job, a particularly happy marriage of lyric and music, a sincere tribute by one artist interpreting the work of another."
- **** Rock n Reel

"Music full of integrity, a contemporary work of art"
- ***** Maverick

"Evocative and atmospheric... James' wistful melody keeping the focus on those vivid lyrics... the orchestration is sublime."
- Irish Herald

"An elegant and beautifully crafted reinterpretation of a great artist's words. Lorca lives!"
- BBC Radio Scotland

Track Listing

1. La Rueda Full Track [mp3 0.7mb]
2. Floating Bridges Full Track [mp3 4.0mb]
3. Diamond [mp3 0.9mb]
4. Limonar [mp3 0.9mb]
5. Nocturne [mp3 0.9mb]
6. I'm Going To Santiago [mp3 0.9mb]
7. Preciosa and the Wind [mp3 0.9mb]
8. The Unfaithful Wife [mp3 0.9mb]
9. The Feud [mp3 0.9mb]
10. Dawn in New York [mp3 0.9mb]
11. Take This Waltz [mp3 0.9mb]

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