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After more than a decade of dedicated study and more than 1500 acclaimed concerts performing the work of much admired Songwriters and Poets: Cohen, Lorca, Drake, Neruda, Blake and Dylan Thomas, Keith is releasing what can only be described as an amazing landmark original Album entitled 'Always'. These 10 original songs (apart from Hiring Fair by Ralph McTell ), meticulously written and arranged, have come together slowly over the past 10 years or so and have matured with a strong sense of both personal and collective awareness, a tone that has been caught through older eyes; surreal, sub-textural, daring and provocative, showing anger and disturbance, humour, resolve, vision and sometimes compelling sadness.

Much has been drawn from those he has admired throughout his life - either consciously or otherwise.. along with kaleidoscope of colour from today's set of paradoxical assimilation we call reality.
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» 12th October 2015