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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

No.1 Paradise Road

No.1 Paradise Road

Keith James

"Throughout this impressive album, Keith James' slow-and-steady unravelling shows the atmosphericists haven't just matured, they've also reached a gorgeous signature. A masterly, almost timeless singer-songwriter collection."
Maverick * * * *

"Known for his interpretations of Nick Drake, Keith James's personal style hints at a similar sound world but also delves into a rich, personal vocabulary, colored by full-bodied harmonies and plush instrumentation. With subtle touches of jazz and rootsy rock, there is a distinctive and consistent feeling that comes over the listener when journeying through his songs: strength of heart, determination and the utter complexity of being human. For adult male folk and singer/songwriter fans, "No.1 Paradise Road" is a gem. "
CD Baby * * * *

"...this is an album of excellent songwriting, performed and recorded by someone who clearly has much experience and natural talent... wonderful stuff. "
CD Times 8 / 10

Track Listing

1. Never Think About Full Track [mp3 6.8mb]
2. One Small Voice [mp3 0.7mb]
3. Show Me The Way Full Track [mp3 3.7mb]
4. Be With Me Full Track [mp3 5.4mb]
5. Stone [mp3 1.0mb]
6. Circle Song [mp3 1.1mb]
7. Pilgrim's Way [mp3 1.3mb]
8. Woodstock [mp3 1.1mb]
9. Life in Western World [mp3 1.4mb]
10. Don't Want to Know About Evil [mp3 1.3mb]
11. Chime of a City Clock [mp3 1.2mb]
12. Reach Out Today [mp3 1.4mb]

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