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Life In A Western World
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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

Poet in New York

Poet in New York

Keith James & Rick Foot

"Lorca had a great impact but Poet in New York feels like a more complete work - subtle, literate and with more complex instrumentation. A Triumph."
Rock 'n' Reel - 4 Stars

Track Listing

1. Famous Blue Raincoat - Allude  Full Track [mp3 1.3mb]
2. 1910 [mp3 0.9mb]
3. The Mask Full Track [mp3 3.8mb]
4. Sleepless City [mp3 0.9mb]
5. In My Secret Life [mp3 0.9mb]
6. The Hands of Never Been [mp3 0.9mb]
7. Federico Full Track [mp3 3.5mb]
8. Broken Windows [mp3 0.9mb]
9. Shade [mp3 0.9mb]
10. The Circle Song [mp3 0.9mb]
11. The Queen and the Soldier [mp3 0.9mb]
12. Nocturne [mp3 0.9mb]