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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

Small Venue Appearances

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The Brewhouse, Burton on Trent 2013.

"Over the past few years, I have discovered a very rare and precious collection of small live music venues. I have stumbled on each of them either through other musicians or audience members and sometimes by sheer chance. All of the places listed below put on live music with a sense of thought and integrity. Many of them are small, scruffy (all the better), ill funded and in some cases purposefully shambolic but they are all wonderful venues to visit, have a beer and listen to real live music in a down home environment.

During the course of this year I will try to get round to all of them and also to put a few words of anecdotal description and encouragement alongside each small venue date. These places have, I am sure, provided many musicians and supporters with a genuine and irreplaceable sanctuary - long may they last."

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