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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

The Songs of Nick Drake
Live at the High Barn

The Songs of Nick Drake - Live at the High Barn

Keith James & Rick Foot

...praise coming soon...

Track Listing

1. Things Behind The Sun [mp3 0.9mb]
2. Clothes of Sand [mp3 0.9mb]
3. Place To Be [mp3 0.9mb]
4. Northern Sky [mp3 0.9mb]
5. Fruit Tree [mp3 0.9mb]
6. Solid Air [mp3 0.9mb]
7. Couldn't Love You More [mp3 0.9mb]
8. Pink Moon [mp3 0.9mb]
9. Chime of a City Clock [mp3 0.9mb]
10. Cello Song [mp3 0.9mb]
11. Thoughts of Mary Jane [mp3 0.9mb]
12. Black Eyed Dog / Three Hours [mp3 0.9mb]
13. River Man [mp3 0.9mb]
14. Day is Done [mp3 0.9mb]
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