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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

Tomorrow Is Longer Than Yesterday

Tomorrow Is Longer Than Yesterday

Keith James

Track Listing

1. A Song For Those Who Live In Fright
Full Track
[mp3 4.6mb]
2. I Cry [mp3 1.2mb]
3. Another Side of Life [mp3 1.2mb]
4. Brand New Jeans [mp3 1.2mb]
5. Eyes From Another World [mp3 1.1mb]
6. The Power and the Glory [mp3 1.1mb]
7. Shadows [mp3 1.1mb]
8. Tomorrow is Longer Than Yesterday [mp3 1.2mb]
9. Fields of White Crosses [mp3 1.0mb]
10. World Turned Upside Down [mp3 1.2mb]
11. Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief [mp3 1.4mb]
12. Calling On You Now [mp3 1.2mb]

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