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Recorded at various concerts across the UK

Tomorrow Is Longer Than Yesterday

Tomorrow Is Longer Than Yesterday

Keith James

Praise for Tomorrow is Longer Than Yesterday...
...Coming Soon

Track Listing

1. A Song For Those Who Live In Fright
Full Track
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2. I Cry [mp3 1.2mb]
3. Another Side of Life [mp3 1.2mb]
4. Brand New Jeans [mp3 1.2mb]
5. Eyes From Another World [mp3 1.1mb]
6. The Power and the Glory [mp3 1.1mb]
7. Shadows [mp3 1.1mb]
8. Tomorrow is Longer Than Yesterday [mp3 1.2mb]
9. Fields of White Crosses [mp3 1.0mb]
10. World Turned Upside Down [mp3 1.2mb]
11. Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief [mp3 1.4mb]
12. Calling On You Now [mp3 1.2mb]
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