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LEONARD COHEN 1934 - 2016

LEONARD COHEN 1934 - 2016

The Poetry and Music of Leonard Cohen has been a constant friend throughout many of our lives. Within every line of his writing, he has been challenging us to listen more carefully, speak more thoughtfully, think more deeply and recognize our own fragility.. Leonard Cohen is a Man of Grace and this World will miss him very much.

» 14th November 2016

DUENDE A unique and compelling concert

DUENDE A unique and compelling concert

Locations and dates of these Concerts across this year are:


The surreal, haunting and exotic poetry of: Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende and Federico Garcia Lorca.
Performed as passionate songs and set to a collection of rich, daring and fiery classical guitar arrangements.
Following his numerous concerts and recordings in which he has taken the work of various Poets; William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Leonard Cohen and successfully transcribed them into what can only be described as truly amazing songs. Keith has now turned his attention to one of his greatest passions; that of the intoxicating and somewhat mysterious world of the most masterful writers in the Spanish language.

Lorca: as Spain celebrates 80 years since Lorca’s death at the beginning of the Civil War, his dramatic and impassioned words take on an even greater of human consciousness. He is certainly the most influential of all Spanish Poets.

Isabel Allende: the niece of Chilean President Salvador Allende, is one of the most accomplished and celebrated modern writers occupying the multi-dimensional world of Spanish Literature.

Pablo Neruda: also from Chile, has been proclaimed internationally, as the most loved of all modern Poets. His verse is deep and romantic in a truly human and delicately intimate way, unlike any other Poet.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The Master of Magical Surrealism, Colombian Marquez is wildly celebrated for his astonishingly brilliant work as a novelist. 100 years of Solitude being the most celebrated novel of this amazing genre.

» 13th July 2016

YUSUF CAT STEVENS an honest and loving reflection

YUSUF  CAT STEVENS an honest and loving reflection

The locations and future dates of these Concerts are as follows:

NOV 30TH LUDLOW. Sold out!
DEC 3RD WREXHAM. Re-scheduled
JAN 28TH HAVANT. Tickets selling fast

The amassed body of music from this hugely popular and sincerely adored singer/songwriter made for a collection
of 'must have' records across a whole generation. Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat were on everyone's
turntables and on every radio station, live versions are played in concerts, bars and on the world's beaches to this day.
Songs such as Wild World, Father and Son, Moonshadow and Where do the Children play have been covered by hundreds of Artists worldwide.

Yusuf campaigns on many educational and humanitarian issues,he was awarded the 'Man of Peace' award by the Nobel Peace Laureates. In 2015 and he received the Lifetime achievement award from BBC Radio 2 and the Ivor Novello Award for outstanding song collection. He has received two honorary doctorates and awards for promoting peace from two organisations founded by Mikhail Gorbachev.
This concert will give you far more than just the music itself; Keith James is one of the most active and inventive performers on this Country’s concert scene. All of his concerts are based on dedicated studies of poets and songwriters with whom both he himself and audiences identify as having a quality and integrity far above the norm..

There is a huge amount of insight into the history and the spirit of Cat Stevens; his early pop career, his illness that changed him existentially and spiritually into an incredibly thoughtful and loving singer songwriter; such that his songs are remembered instantly for their uplifting sense of truth, promise and human fragility.

Much to talk about the background and embryo of each song.. some of which will be performed as all of us remember and some, carefully and intuitively re-voiced - respectfully re-interpreted with rich, balanced guitar arrangements and a more personal vocal approach.

» 5th May 2016



The locations and dates of these Concerts across this year are as follows:


For all details about this long running concert tour - now into its 5th year and almost 300 dates.. please click on the image of LC here on the left. This will also take you to all UK concert dates.

» 28th January 2016



After more than a decade of dedicated study and more than 1500 acclaimed concerts performing the work of much admired Songwriters and Poets: Cohen, Lorca, Drake, Neruda, Blake and Dylan Thomas, Keith is releasing what can only be described as an amazing landmark original Album entitled ‘Always’. These 10 original songs (apart from Hiring Fair by Ralph McTell ), meticulously written and arranged, have come together slowly over the past 10 years or so and have matured with a strong sense of both personal and collective awareness, a tone that has been caught through older eyes; surreal, sub-textural, daring and provocative, showing anger and disturbance, humour, resolve, vision and sometimes compelling sadness.

Much has been drawn from those he has admired throughout his life - either consciously or otherwise.. along with kaleidoscope of colour from today's set of paradoxical assimilation we call reality.
TO LISTEN TO THE ALBUM AND READ THE REVIEWS SO FAR: Please click on CD cover image hear on the left.

» 12th October 2015

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